Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear HD

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear (2013) นินจา 2 น้ำตาเพชฌฆาต

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear American martial artist Casey Bowman settled at the Koga Ninja Dojo. Casey was also married to Namiko Takeda who is currently expecting. Casey discovers that his purse was stolen by thieves and returns home to discover Namiko deceased. Nakabara offers Casey to go to his dojo in Thailand to find their location and then kills them in dark alleyways.

Casey who is one of Nakabara’s students, follows Nakabara’s suggestions and goes to Bangkok. He loses control and attacks Lucas using the bokken. Nakabara asks Casey to be calm and invites him to do the firewalk exercise. But, Casey stops half way through because he is troubled by memories of Namiko. He takes a drink in the bar next to him and gets involved in a dispute with several drinking patrons. In the next morning, Lucas is killed by the same barbed wire weapon used to murder Namiko. Casey learns from Nakabara that his father, Sensei Takeda (Namiko’s father) and the man from Nagoya called Isamu were among the top three students in the Koga dojo. Isamu and Takeda were fighting for dominance of the dojo after their sensei passed away. Isamu was defeated by Takeda in the fight.

Casey travels to Myanmar with Mike who is his Indian taxi driver. However, Casey uses his strength and then flies Goro down right before his death.

Casey finds out that Nakabara killed Lucas and Namiko. This revealed a room stuffed with antiquated artifacts. Casey then slashes Nakabara on the midsection. Nakabara puts Casey’s left shoulder in a shackle by using his wakizashi. Hiroshi is shocked to discover that Nakabara killed Lucas and Namiko. Hiroshi goes back to Japan to drop Namiko’s pendant in a lake. This is a way to mourn the death of his companion.

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